Thursday, March 29, 2007

A night out on the town

Last night, I enjoyed my first official “Night Out” sans child. Aside from the fact that my boobs were ready to explode by the time I got home, it was most enjoyable!

I left Griffin with Steve at the Young Centre, after dinner at the Mill House. They hit the road to head home, and I hit the road, and cranked up the radio, slightly giddy with my newfound freedom!

First, tea with Kendra, and then off we toddled to e-DENTITY at the Royal Alex. A few technical difficulties, but a delight none the less. I called home at Intermission when I was informed that Griffin was currently screaming his head off and refusing to go to sleep. Recognizing that I was powerless to help the little guy from the Royal Alex, I turned off my phone for Act 2, determined to enjoy the rest of the show and try not to feel guilty.

Kendra and Alexis and I headed out for a quick drink after the show (again, after a call home, to be informed that the screaming had stopped, started up again, and just been quelled once more), and were shortly after joined by Len and the delightful Connor Green (Connor Green, who in university inserted my name into the “Transformers” jingle and sang it on a regular basis, therefore endearing himself to me forever. Sing it with me – “Jenn Jansen, more than meets the eye!”) It was a lovely evening out!

My good mood was slightly squashed when I returned to my car to find a $30 parking ticket, issued at 11:01, for my parking spot (which incidentally I paid THIRTEEN BUCKS for!) which expired at 10:56. I arrived at my car at 11:04. BASTARDS!!

An expensive night in the end, but tres enjoyable.

And now, I must bid you adieu. I have decided to do an internet cleanse for the next few days. I am walking away from the computer until Monday. No email, no blogs, no photo editing, no FRICKING facebook, no Mom websites, no Freecycle, no surfing for strollers that I can’t afford. While I love thee, internet, you are a time sucker, and I need to get some stuff done around this disaster-fest we call home. Time to come out of the basement and enjoy the sunshine (oww, my eyes!) I’m going to finish the sewing room makeover, clean the windows, fix our bed which is falling apart, maybe attempt to finish my brother’s quilt, and as many other things as I can cram in before then.

So, until Monday!

And just because I love you all, I leave you with this:
Isn't my kid adorable!!!

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