Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

It's been a bit of a zoo around here lately, thus the lack of action here on the Roof Blog. Plus there's Facebooking to be done..HeLLOOOOOOOO!!!

So Steve is attempting to use his super powers once again, to perform FOUR CONCURRENT TECH WEEKS! Yes, ladies and gents, FOUR. Unfortunately the "Beam me Up" function is busted on his super-suit, and he still has to drive all over hell's half acre to get to these places.

Unable to be in 4 places at once (go figure!), his band of Merry Men (and Ladies too) are trying to fill in for him in various places. That'd include me. Today I installed a set and did some show shopping for him, yesterday I helped at a load in. Tomorrow I'm off the hook (so far...) and Thursday I get to call a focus at Theatre Orangeville. Griffin has mostly been behaving as he should, although there's been some green snotty crap dangling around his nose for the past few days which is making him less than personable on certain occasions. Unfortunately, Steve has the same problem (snot, leading to crank.) Aside from the sickly boys, I think we're all having fun.

Will someone please come over and do the dishes though??

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