Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't throw out those Flyers!

If you get a pile of flyers in the mail today, don't go chucking them willy-nilly in the garbage! Take a peek at the Bay Flyer, where inside, amongst a few other semi cute babies, you'll find our TOTALLY ADORABLE baby, decked out in his Levi's outfit avec cute sun hat!

And if you don't get the flyers in the mail, fear not, my dear internet friends! Tomorrow when the on line flyer comes out, I'll post a link to it, right here on this very blog, so you can go and see all his adorableness for your very selves.

Griffin has unfortunately grown himself out of a job, as he's into the 18 month sized clothing and they want 18 month old babies to stand and stuff. Pshaw! Since we're still working on crawling, it may be a while before you see Griffin's little mug in any flyers again any time soon. So put this one up on your fridge or something!

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