Thursday, May 31, 2007

In the Still of the Night

Tonight, outdoors on the Roof, it is still. Hardly a creature is stirring (not even a groundhog), the wind has taken a rest, and all that you can hear is a some distant cars, the steady drone of the AC (I digress - it's REALLY early to be turning the AC better not be sweltering all summer! Aaaaaaand......digress complete), and the annoying sound of large june bugs circling my head when I'm outside, and the hearty "thunk" of them flying straight into the windows when we're inside. It is quiet, it is peaceful.

This stillness and silence is a rare event here on the roof. Usually the wind is a'blowin', or even a'howlin', and there's not many a night where we can sit outside and hear ourselves inhale. And exhale. And inhale. get the picture!

And what, you may ask, would one do to take advantage of such a rare a night, such stillness, such serenity??

That's right people, we clear out the firepit and we BURN THINGS!! Wheeeeee!!!

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