Friday, May 04, 2007

Ottawa Day 5

Today is not only Ottawa Day 5, but Griffin is 8 months old today!

We are enjoying a leisurely morning here in L'Ottawa, as Steve doesn't have to work till a bit later. We've been having a most excellent time here, kind of settling into a nice routine. Our routine consists of heading out for Breakfast, and then Steve goes off to work and Griffin and I usually head back to the hotel room for a nap. Well, Griffin naps, and I watch What Not to Wear. Then we head out again to meet Steve for lunch, or for some fun activity with Kater and Cameron. Yesterday we went for a swim at the Y while Kater did her workout, the day before some shopping in the Glebe, with the entire Hopkins Macdonnell family, including Kater's super Mom! Then we go have some dinner, head back to the hotel for bath and bed. For the past few nights Griffin has been sleeping like a log until we go off to bed, and then he wakes up and is miserable for the rest of the night. Today...well who knows what today will bring. Hopefully more shopping!

We've had some spectacular weather for all the walking we've been doing, and the new stroller passes all the tests with flying colours! It's AWESOME!

And now, a tiny rant. Maybe it's all the walking we've been doing, or maybe it's being in a big city, or whatever, but I'm constantly surprised by the number of people in the world who live their lives inside their own little 3 foot circle of personal space. I don't think they know what's happening around them, or frankly do they care, it's all about them after all, so why should they care about YOU? These are the people that let the door slam on the woman with the stroller walking behind them (that'd be me!), or take up the entire sidewalk standing in the middle of it having their Very Important Conversation. The fact that someone else may be walking through the door behind them, or need to use that spot of sidewalk too, has totally escaped them! They bug me! (On the flip side, there are quite a number of people that hold open the door, and move out of the way when they see a stroller coming, but they seem a bit more rare!)

End Rant.

We're off to breakfast now, shopping and the like! I hope to get to the 8 month post some time this weekend!

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