Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I think I Gan, I think I Gan

So here we are in Gananoque, on the other side of the world it kind of seems from where we live, and yet things are enjoyably familiar! I’ve never spent a ton of time over in this part of the province, but every time I come here, I remember how much I liked it here the last time.

My Eastern Ontario sojourns consist of the obligatory Grade 8 semi educational trips to Ottawa, a week in Kingston at the Grand with “Bush Ladies” (a show about some early women settlers living in the wild, with a very unfortunate title), and some time jumping off bridges and the like in the beautiful Garden of Arden. As well, I think there was a brief stop on a tour or two. I’ve also ventured slightly into Quebec, on the (somewhat obligatory) ski trips to Quebec City where the drinking age was enjoyably 18 (we were those teenagers on the big tour bus, the one that you feel your head constrict into a tiny little ball when you see it pull up to YOUR hotel), the family ski trips, as well as a few group and one solo visit to Quebec City, which is one of my favourite places in the world.

I really enjoy this part of the world. Being on or anywhere near water is not something I’m used to, and I truly enjoy the wonder of it. I’ve spent plenty a summer 20 minutes away from one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, but to walk outside in the morning and dip your toes in the river, and to watch a sun sink into a lake from your living room window is an entirely different experience. I love the idea of shoving a canoe in there and going for a little afternoon paddle. This part of the world with its thousand or so islands, and it’s lands of lakes is something I could really get used to.

We’ve gone from the Executive Suites in Ottawa, to a rustic cabin in the woods. It was a little more rustic than I had anticipated, and I’m a rustic kind of gal, but I just wasn’t mentally prepared for the whole rustic-ness of it. We’re settled now, after moving once to the cabin next door. We’ve gone from dirty rustic, to semi clean and slightly bigger rustic. And warmer rustic too, and that really helps. I was a little freaked out when I walked in the other night, mostly concerned about the undrinkable water and the unheated cabins, as well as the lack of a bathtub. But we’re in a better place now, lots of bottled water, a few space heaters, a bigger place for Griffin to play (including a beam to hang the jolly jumper from), and we’re kickin’ it Old School with tub time in the kitchen sink. It’s no executive suites (and there ain’t no 76 channels and What Not to Wear), but there’s a beach, and a picnic table, walking in the woods and playing in the grass, and that’s all good! We like it here! We like this part of the province in general, we had a delightful time in Ottawa as well, and we think that we should spend some more time in this part of the world! And just maybe we will!

Griffin has been plagued by two tiny little chicklet shaped horrors that are hanging out in his upper gums. You can SEE the bulges that are his two front teeth underneath his gums, and they are descending, and swelling, more and more every day. The poor little dude is really suffering from this bout of teething. He’s still the cutest baby in the world by day, but by night he is often the unhappiest baby on the planet. There hasn’t been any major screaming matches per say, but when Griffin cries, he cries from the depths of his soul, and you know that at that moment he truly believes that no fate could be worse than the one he is attempting to endure.

I have some incredibly beautiful pictures that Steve's friend Eric took to show you all, and an 8 month letter on the way, I just need more than 15 minutes at the computer to upload them all, which is tough when Steve also needs the computer at work! The hardships I must endure....

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