Friday, June 22, 2007

It's finally time to paint!

OK. First off, look how happy my kid is! It's SOOO wonderful to be around someone who is this happy most of the's good for the soul!
So the excitement of the day is actually the excitement of tomorrow. What I mean by that is tomorrow, after nearly 10 months on this earth, and after nearly 6 months of Griffin suffering through Dusty Rose, we are FINALLY painting Griffin's room! The final colours have been chosen (although not purchased, so they still may change!) Currently, the bottom of the walls will be painted "Light Chocolate" and the top will enjoy a few coats of "Sand Motif."

Here's a few before shots for your "enjoyment," or to give you indigestion, which ever comes first.

Looking at these pictures I am so excited to get that paint on the walls! Once it's done and the art is hung, we'll show off the new look! Ohhhhweeee, I'm almost giddy!


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