Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Busy Weekend

We had a busy busy weekend here on the roof. After working a bit on Saturday morning, Griffin and I headed into the evil city, first for some visiting. Griffin had a great time playing in Gretel and Isaac's backyard, so much of a great time that he needed a bath before we headed out to our next engagement! A perfectly sunny day, and a great time for a backyard bath! There's more excellent pictures of the backyard bath on the Meyer Odell Family blog, you can see them here. After the bath, we got dressed and headed over to Kendra's for a Yorkie BBQ. We got to see some friends we haven't seen in a LONG time, like almost 10 years ago for some of them!

Today was filled with grass cutting, groceries, gardening, napping, and drinking beer on the porch with some neighbours. Griffin crashed with hardly a peep at about 8:00pm. He was TIRED!! Daddy is downstairs rounding out the day with some Saving the World (aka video games) and me, well I'm off to bed too.

Tomorrow is an exciting day too - Griffin is off to Day Care for the first time! I am going to get a TON of work done, and PRAY that my Harry Potter book doesn't arrive until later in the afternoon, otherwise the temptation will be too strong to curl up on the couch all day and read in peaceful silence!

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