Monday, August 20, 2007

Whatz goin'on!?

So we've been a busy little beehive for the past week or so, hence the silence here on our bragbook of our cute kid blog. But just in case you're wondering, here's what we've been up to.

Favourite activity of the week: stair climbing.
When we do this activity: as often as possible. Especially when Mom and Dad aren't paying attention.
Grade: A+. Griffin is a top notch stair climber. His concentration is slightly lacking, as there is all sorts of unexplored and untasted bits of stuff in the carpet on the stairs. You understand.

Second Favourite activity of the week: Stair climbing in monochrome.We took a trip to London for the second of the Agnew Sisters (Steve's cousins) Weddings.
Most popular wedding activity: Flirting with the lai-dees.
Second most popular weekend activity: Hangin' with peeps: Uncle Paul, Peter and Gizmo the wonder dog. At home today, we've gone right back to the old favourites of stair climbing and Elvis impersonations:

Overall, not a bad few days!

Me, I've been working like a lean mean Real Estate Machine, and that's all you get to hear about that...suffice to say that there are good days and bad days, but we all know where talking about our work on blogs gets us!

We're looking forward to the big 0-1 coming up in a few weeks, and the birthday bonanza that goes with it. We ARE having a party, and if you think you may have been left off the invite list please don't feel slighted and just call and we'll give you the details...I'll admit to my brain being elsewhere these days and sometimes I forget things. OK, a lot of things. But whatever. Deal.

More soon, as we work on getting organized and getting this household running like the lean mean Stage Manager's dream that still haunts my days (and nights!) I'm THRILLED to be bringing my old career into contact with my new one - they work well together!

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