Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cursed Facebook

Beware - the Facebook status bar is cursed, I'm convinced. The other day I wrote there that I was a house selling machine. One day later both my deals have gone down the shitter. This morning I wrote that today was going to be a better day, and then I slipped getting out of the shower and broke my big toe. I was thinking of writing there that I was penniless, only to get the opposite to come true, but the I figured that the way things were going, it was more likely that I'd get hit by a Brinks truck carrying 2 tonnes of rolled pennies.


Sarah said...

Jenn that is terrible! I am so sorry about the hard luck!

Gretel said...

Don't try to outwit the 'system', there are just too many cautionary fables throughout history about that...sorry about all the shitty luck! Sending happy, lucky thoughts your way!