Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ding Dong the Quilt is Done!

Kendra's Baby Quilt is finally done! It was so close, WEEKS ago, and then it got lost in the shuffle. But since baby is due to arrive any old time now, better get 'er done!
Baby's room is done in a frog theme..I found all kinds of cute froggy quilt patterns, but decided to put a little spin on the whole frog thing. Since we know the baby is a girl I went all frog prince-y with it. Sooo much fun!
This is the first time I've done anything of this kind, ventured into the world of machine applique, as well as venturing into the world of freehanded machine quilting. I figured if anyone would forgive my quilty mistakes it would be Kendra.

This is Dudley's " kicked me off the bed to take pictures of a stupid quilt??" look.

Up next (like as in, maybe tomorrow, maybe not) pictures from whirlwind days of visiting over the past week!


Kate said...

It's frackin' BEAUTIFUL, Jenn! I think you've outdone yourself with this one!!

kodeureum said...

Is that your own design? It's very fairy-tale and great for a baby. Well done!

Sarah said...

I said it on the crackbook and I will say it again here - So awesome!! I am very jealous of your mad talent!

xine says said...

That is just about the cutest frog! I don't even need him to be a prince, I could kiss him as is! You're a star!

Jenn said...


Thanks, y'all!

Kendra said...

It's awesome Ms. Jenn! Wee mittens will love it!