Sunday, September 30, 2007

An ode to Fall

I love the fall. I think everyone who either lives in the country, or who's heart lives in the country loves the fall. Fall is kind of the grand finale of a season full of colour - colourful summer flower gardens in yellows, reds, a purples; colourful summer sunsets in hues of orange and red, and all the colourful clothes that adorn our summer wardrobes (who decided we should wear more muted colours in the winter??? I think they're WRONG! Anywho....) All the colours of fall are cozy warm colours - fall gives you that extra burst of heat that you know you're going to need in the coming months.

Fall is also about food. We harvest in the fall, and fill our shelves and freezers with all kind of tasty treats that will keep us warm through the coming months. Comfort food! Right now there's another large batch of salsa simmering on the stove, because DEMOLISHED the first batch. So we went out and bought a bushel of tomatoes to make another few batches. Do you know how many tomatoes are in a bushel?? I'll tell you, a LOT! I was thinking bushel basket, which in my head I thought was totally manageable. But we got a bushel BOX and methinks there are way more tomatoes in a box than a basket! But we shall persevere and preserve, chop, can, freeze, puree, until we can do no more.

And then eat homemade salsa until the spring....oh, how delightful!!


kodeureum said...

What I used to love about the fall was he bushels of sweet red, green and yellow bell peppers you could see (and purchase) around town. Also the bushels of at least eight varieties of apples they had on Roncesvalles. I have to make it home for Thanksgiving again one of these years...

Gretel said...

I love fall. Though I do remember as a child it came with an UNBELIEVABLE amount of work as we harvested all the veggies. We filled our red clay cellar with squash, turnips, cabbages, onions and all the other hardy veggies that last an incredible number of months in the right kind of storage. Also so much freezing and canning. I used to get so frustrated with all the work - but I think back on how that really fed us all winter...that and the 2nd deep freeze which was filled with half a cow, a pig and ton of chickens and lots of cod and mackerel (that was when cod was still plentiful!) Who sounds like Laura Ingalls now? You're doing a great job, keeping the home fires burning, Jenn!