Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finish the Fight indeed.

Right now there is something epic, and quite possibly lethal happening in our basement.

Geeks worldwide lined up today to pick up their pre-ordered copies of Halo 3. It's kind of like the second coming of Christ in the video game world. Most uber geeks likely picked up their copy at 12:01am this morning, because if you're a REAL geek, you'd be pre-ordering from a store that stays open that late on release day. Steve was so over enthusiastic that he moved the calender ahead by one day and tried to pick it up yesterday. He came out of EB Games looking dejected and humiliated - TUESDAY was the 25th, not MONDAY!! (I laughed a little bit inside at him, but not out loud. Never out loud.)

What makes this particular release super special is that its being released for the Xbox 360, which with the capabilities of Xbox live and "4 player co-op" (looky me with the gaming lingo!)means that Steve is down in the basement playing Halo 3 with Lyon, Chris and some other dude. Except Lyon is in Toronto, Chris is in Keswick, and Dude is in PEI I think. How does that work? I don't know, and frankly I don't care. I do think it is kind of cool, but what it REALLY means to me is that on Tuesday nights, for the next few weeks, from 9pm till whenever, I get the bed to myself. Hell, I practically have the whole house to myself, because I don't think even wild horses could drag that man away from this game. I could probably invite all my friends over to dance naked in the living room and still not see him for hours. Which ALSO means if the wee one cries, it's my turn. All night. Wheee!

The good thing for the boys is that when they finish the game, there will be a great sense of accomplishment for them - good honest team work saves the day.

The good thing for me is that when the boys finish the game, there will be presents. For me. A big one, I think, will be in order, for being such a wonderful and understanding wife. Don'tcha think???

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