Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bad Mother?

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm a bad mother...it seems my kid is the only one year old on the planet that doesn't have a Halloween costume. I really don't see the point! He certainly doesn't "get it" and I think anything that I do for Halloween will be for ME, and not really for HIM, and I'm not really a big Halloween fan. I see Halloween as an inconvenience that only gets in the way of CHRISTMAS...I mean, seriously, if it wasn't for Halloween we could go straight from Thanksgiving into Christmas, and I'd appreciate that much more than all the silly blow up pumpkins I keep seeing on people's front lawns (Digressing - BLOW UP PUMPKINS!!???!!!! What happened to carving pumpkins??? Do people need to take the art out of EVERYTHING??!!)

People have asked me if I'm taking him trick-or-treating?? That's a big old N-O!! Why would I? So I can get a bag of candy that will sit on the dining room table, and I'll proceed to eat it all, because I have the will power of a snail??

I'm having last minute Halloween guilt...maybe I should at least go get a pumpkin to carve or something...but there are 2 wee pumpkins sitting on my porch that I grew in my own garden...does that count?


xine says said...

Three things...
First, your garden pumpkins totally count and yes carve away!
Second, I'd have thought your crafty side would love the chance to create the costume of your dreams for the young master who is still too young to disagree with your choice (Nathan is dressed as a skunk as we speak!)
and Finally I love Hallowe'en and can't believe that we've been friends so long if you don't.
PS neither of you need the candy so I agree with you there it's the other stuff that is so much fun!!

sweetisu said...

Different "holidays" appeal to different people. And Halloween is certainly not one of my favorite holidays either.

Take him trick or treating so that he can
(a) stay awake way past his bedtime
(b) get lots of candy and not be able to eat any of them
(c) dressed in a super uncomfortable/warm (or super thin!) cutesy looking thing so people can squeeze his cheeks


I vote for any one-yr old to stay home instead.

BTW, I got here via the randomizer.

Lara said...

I agree, garden pumpkins count.

And the only reason my one year old has a costume is because I got it at a garage sale for $2 this summer ;) And our plan is to put him in it, take a couple of photos, and maybe bring him to see his grandparents in it. No trick or treating until he's old enough to know what it is, and be able to eat the candy.

Halloween isn't really my holiday either. I wouldn't worry about it. Last year we put a dollarama pumpkin bib on him and an old navy hand-me-down halloween onesie ;)

Gretel said...

Don't do it...soon enough you will be up to your eyeballs in Halloween because your kids are genuinely excited about it ON THEIR OWN! Tristan is out of his mind with excitement. He has two costumes because he's not allowed to wear a 'scary' costume at daycare because it might frighten the toddlers (of which his brother is one!) - so he's Luke Skywalker at daycare and some evil black hooded thing with red lights for eyes at school and for trick or treating. You know it's Halloweeen when the hot glue gun comes out! I wish we could do the trick or treating without all the candy and crap, though. Such a waste! (Xine will be disappointed in me, too, I fear!) I love the costume part- but hate the consumerism.

Jenn said...

I have moved the 2 pumpkins out to a prominent place (but can't bear to bring a knife to them,) and relocated the scarecrow from my dead vegatable garden to the entry way, right next to the pumpkins.

I think there will be tons of time in the future to sew halloween costumes. Methinks Kater needs her Mei tai more than Griffin needs to be a scarecrow.

Halloween. Consider it done!

abstractjenn said...

Not a BAD mother - a BUSY mother!