Monday, October 29, 2007

Eating Habits of the (not so average) Toddler

Last night we had pizza for dinner at my brother's house, relaxing on the comfy couches in front of the TV. Instead of giving Griffin a slice of his own to demolish as I would have if he was strapped in a highchair with a bib on, I took a bunch of the toppings off and laid them on the plate for him to eat as he wanted.

He, very systematically, ate every last morsel, in the following order:

All the green olives first, then...

All the onions, then...

The bits of crust,

The bits of cheese,

And lastly, the sausage.

If this child didn't look so much like my husband, I would doubt he was related to him sometimes! What one year old prefers green olives to...well...ANYTHING on that list?? Steve would have eaten the morsels in the EXACT OPPOSITE order, stopping with the crust, and leaving the onions and most certainly the olives for me!

I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars that my baby is not even close on the Picky eater scale to my husband!

(Thank you, lucky stars!!)

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gretel said...

Phelan LOVES olives! He'll demand whole Kalamatas and chew for about 15 minutes then spit out the pit! I dunno what to say...