Thursday, October 25, 2007

Croup Kid

Griffin has croup. Croup sucks!

It started on Monday night, when we heard the barking coming from upstairs. Tuesday day he was OK at daycare, but Tuesday night it all went to shit. Yesterday we spent on the couch, Griffin with a stupidly high fever. Griffin wanted nothing to do with anything yesterday, unless it involved sleeping on my chest. I got puked on twice (like full out, change all the clothes right down to the bra, puked on.) A trip to the family doc and some low oxygen levels led to a trip to be "assessed" in Emerg, where they shoved some Tylenol in his bum (Tylenol comes in suppositories...who knew??) gave us some medicine, and sent us packing.

Today, we're better. Still cranky, but better. Good enough to shoot a few hoops even! The barking is gone, only to be replaced by a cough up a lung sounding cough. I didn't get puked on at all today, and managed to get 2 full meals into myself today, and a few into Griffin too.
(I know, you're asking yourself right now "who dresses this kid?" but it was a mid day change for more comfortable pants, when Griffin kept tripping on the other ones he was wearing. And the pants were great with the sweatshirt he had on earlier...I swear!)

Tomorrow we're off to London for the weekend, me to take my Postpartum Doula training course. I'm SO excited! Things may be quiet in blogland for a few days, but be certain they'll be an update on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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Sarah said...

I swear on the box that toy looked G sized! I think that he has a height advantage on the net!! I am glad he is feeling better - take care and have fun this weekend!!