Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clean This!

Last week I had a cleaning lady come for a visit to give us a quote on cleaning our house once every 2 weeks. Tonight she called me and told me she "didn't think it was going to work out." The reason? I had asked if she would use our non-toxic cleaning products, as well as asked for a reduction in her price since she would be using our stuff. She didn't feel comfortable with this, and said that she couldn't guarantee the same results without using the chemical products she normally uses. Huh? You can't guarantee me respiratory illness, central nervous system depression, asthma? You can't clean my house because I'm asking you to use products that are safe for my family, not to mention safe for you??

If it's cancer vs a dirty toilet, I'll take the dirty toilet please!!


gretel said...

Wow. That's too bad! It's a slow road...eventually more people will ask about it, or she will learn more about the cost of what she's been exposing herself to. Truly, I think that the dangers are far more for the person doing the cleaning than necessarily the folks living in the cleaned house - she needs to give that some thought! Out of curiosity...what does it cost for someone to clean a house every two weeks with their own filthy [that place you live]?

Jenn said...

Eighty Big ones she was going to charge me. Humpfh. I think I can get it done for sixty.