Thursday, November 15, 2007

Batten down the hatches

This afternoon I did the "run around like a maniac and put everything in storage because it's gonna snow" dance. Garden stuff, outdoor furniture, and an amazing amount of "stuff" that all gets tossed into the greenhouse or the shed until the spring. On Monday and Tuesday it was 10 degrees and sunny. Tonight the weather man is predicting snow squalls and up to 15cm of snow per 12 hour period for the next 24 hours. Do the math, and by tomorrow night, we may be under a foot of snow!

And away we go! The only solace I take in this is that it means Christmas is coming!


Anonymous said...

Jenn, what about us teachers :) We love snowdays... that's solace enough for me :)
Marianne (Swart)

Gretel said...

I know snow brings some major challenges for you 'country folk' - but I tell ya - the boys both were singing joyfully as we walked to daycare this morning with flurries falling. For me, was first day of true winter cycling - makes you feel ALIVE (that's me accentuating the positive, by the way)! Let it snow.