Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Haircut

Today I suddenly decided it was time - baby's first haircut!

Griffin's hair was getting a bit can clearly be seen in this picture!! Way more party in the back than there should be!
So we plunked him in the MeToo chair here at Mama Salon and had at'er! He was superb, not a peep out of him the entire time. May have been the crackers we gave him to distract him. May have been the valium.
It took a bit longer than it maybe should have - 5 minutes or so by the time we were you can tell, sir had had just about enough by this time!
Solution - remove towel. More crackers to distract! All in all a successful venture!

I didn't take an after shot. It looks pretty much the same as the before shot, minus the mullet. I left the top long...I like it that way! And until my son is 13 and can pay for his own haircuts, I get to decide how his hair is styled!! I did also save the customary lock of hair. Good thing Griffin's Aunt bought us a little keepsake container for it, otherwise what the heck would I do with a lock of hair just hanging aroud?

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Gretel said...

Lucky for you - you're spared the agony of deciding when first haircut should be when there are cascades of beautiful CURLS. You know we let Tristan's get long and when we cut it, he never curled again! Phelan's also got a mullet - but it's not too alarming because of the curls - when his hair is wet, hangs WAY far down his back! He loves to have his hair as long as we're not getting dreadlocks...the long hair STAYS! Tristan just got a haircut this week...I did his grandmother too! Tristan kept asking "am I bald yet?" Congratulations on your first cut!