Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New things, new tricks

I've been on the hunt for a while now for a new dresser for the lad's room. He's entirely too wiggly to be changed on the change table anymore, and we reverted to the floor quite some time ago. When he was a newborn, his clothes fit quite nicely into the tiny baskets underneath the change table. It was all very quaint. And tiny. Now that he's grown into a linebacker, his linebacker clothes don't fit so well into tiny baskets anymore. It's less than quaint. It's a downright disaster.

I ducked into a second hand store in Guelph today, while perusing the "strip." We abandoned the stroller at the front door, seeing that we clearly weren't going to get very far with it. I took a wee wander, or more like I squeezed my way in and out of the maze of STUFF that was in this store, all with a wiggly toddler in my arms. I was disappointed that there wasn't a single item in sight worth my money. I went in there hoping for the perfect dresser, but alas, it wasn't there.

And then, and THEN...just as we were about to leave, there it was! Standing there, right next to the front door, just waiting to slap me in the face if I tried to walk out the door with out it. It needed a clean, and a polish, and those 4 knobs on the top drawer came from my knob stash in the basement. (Oh, now would be the perfect opportunity to slip in something funny about all the "other knobs" that I keep in the basement, like the one playing video games right now, but he'd likely get offended if I called him a knob, so maybe I'll skip it!) ANYWHO, look at the shiny new dresser!!!

And hot DAMN if those pictures I hung up there months ago aren't at the PERFECT height! Look at me go! We're very happy with the dresser. The stage manager in me resisted putting labels on all the drawers. Well, resisted so far...

In other news, check out boy wonder's new trick:

Ladies and gents, we seem to have entered the climbing phase! This is the 3rd thing Griffin climbed up on today. He tried to stand up on a little bench in his room, was on top of his dump truck more than thrice today, and has discovered that if he stands on the bottom rail of the gate to the kitchen, he can see whats going on more clearly, and therefor scream louder because he's not being included. Oh goodie, this should be fun!


Misty said...

I love it when things just come together!

Kate said...

Oh sister, I hear you. The basket idea was so nice but so impractical. We changed over to a dresser back in Feb and I haven't looked back! I use two baskets for mitts and hats now...the rest are probably doing craft storage for me down in the basement (aka sewing room)! Oh, and go on, LABEL. You know you want to.

Gretel said...

Ah yes, the baskets - they did work nicely for the little tiny clothes, didn't they...then as the clothes imperceptibly grew... You may recall we had exactly the same struggles - due to space constraints, we have finally settled with a bins-that-slide-into-nice wooden thingy from IKEA - but once the clothes grow again...erk! The dresser is nice, but what I like is the nice stack of clean diapers next door to it! As for the labels...I had to succumb to the labels so that Isaac and Tristan could be 'expected' to put clothes away...also useful early learning tool. Allow yourself the labels...you know it will feel good...so good.