Monday, November 12, 2007

Remembrance Day

We took a hike (OK, a brisk stroll) up to Parliament Hill and the War Memorial yesterday for the Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Us, and a couple thousand other fine folks! Unfortunately we arrived as the ceremony was starting, and thus our view consisted of the backs of a whole bunch of people's heads. The large screen, hung on the west side of the circle, intended for folks in the back row like us, was nicely obstructed by a stop light, and some flags touting Ottawa's deep and rich heritage. Never the less, it was great to see SOO many people there for such a ceremony. I'm sure there were some deeply moving things said. We couldn't hear them. We did however enjoy the cannon fire, the numerous marching bands and kids choir, as well as the fighter plane flyby. We're not sure if it was meant to be their own version of the Missing Man Formation, as there were only 2 planes, or if it was just an impressive aerial showing. I was thinking during the ceremony how cool it would be to Stage Manage an event like that - one where everything was VERY dependant on timing, and one where you got to say "Standby Canon Fire" and "Fighter Planes GO."

I have a few very cool pictures of the day, but Blogger is being a pain and won't let me upload them. Ah well, we'll be back in the comfort of our own home very shortly, and I'll add them to the post then.

Remembrance Day has become a bit more for me, since my Dad's funeral, which was held on Remembrance Day two years ago. A fallen soldier in his own way, I suppose. The whole lead up to Remembrance Day makes me think of my Dad - about the last week that we spent in the hospital, and the days between his death and his funeral, as well as the funeral itself which was one of the most spectacular outpourings of community and family support that I have ever seen. Not to mention the floral tributes...if you ever want to see some spectacular arrangements, head to the funeral of a florist!! I was going through all the pictures of the flowers that my brother took during the visitation while working on Dad's scrapbook, and there really was some beautiful displays there. Thinking back on Dad isn't just about the sad times in the days around Remembrance Day, it's also about all the good times that came before that. The Scrapbook has been great to pick up work on again, for the sake of enjoying all those photos over again. I scanned and saved a few before we left, alas internet difficulties didn't let me post them then. I guess I have a whole lot of photo posting to do when I get home!


Gretel said...

Cueing fighter planes & there's something to think about!

Sarah said...

When we did the remembrance day ceremony at York last year all I had to cue was a very nervous piper, set to play after the 2 minutes of silence. That and the blind, belligerent bugler, he is a barrel of laughs that one! I kept fantasizing about convincing someone at the downsview base to agree to do a fly over and wondered how would you ever time that?! I guess I will never know.