Friday, November 30, 2007

So long, farewell.

Just gotta say before the clock strikes midnight: so long NaBloPoMo! Smell ya later! Posting every day was a challenge, especially with the spotty internet 'round these parts, but it was kind of fun, and made for a record breaking month in the posting department. We've gained a few friends here on the roof, maybe lost one or two due to the incessant posting of cuteness (maybe some people don't like cuteness. Weirdos.)

Speaking of cuteness, here's what the rest of the house has to say on the matter:

Adios NaBloPoMo. We might see you night year. Then again, maybe not.

1 comment:

gretel said...

Phewf. You said it.

Thanks for sharing NaBloPoMo - I had fun with it, too!