Saturday, December 01, 2007

10 Reasons I Love My Small Town Santa Claus Parade

-We left the house at 12:50. For a 1:00 Parade. We live 7 minutes out of town.

-We found a parking spot spitting distance from the main street, after looking for a spot for about 47 seconds. We didn't have to kill anyone to get it.

-We had our choice of spots on the sidewalk. We didn't get in any brawls, or fist fights. We did, however almost have a run in with Leo the Royal Bank Lion. But that was only because Leo had a big poofy costume on and couldn't see a damn thing. Specifically, he couldn't see where he was going.

-At least half a dozen people in the parade poked their parade companion, and said "look at that adorable baby" and pointed to my son, all nestled up cute as a button in his sled.

-The parade was under 30 minutes long. Just enough time for my fingers to start to go numb, and then we were outta there.

-The floats were lack luster, as was the baton twirling, and the music, but people were having FUN!!

-After the parade we went back to the car to drop off the sled, and then hit my fave store on the main drag. Coming back around the corner to the main street, it looked like any old regular day: no traffic snarl ups, no throngs of people, no garbage all over the street.

-Free hot chocolate! Bad hot chocolate, but free none the less.

-There were REAL Reindeer!

-Santa came riding in on a big Santa throne. His chariot? Said throne was appropriately located in the back of a pickup truck!

I love my small town!

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