Friday, November 09, 2007

Tomorrow is another day...

Alas, I think the coherent posting will have to wait for another day. We are tired. Dog tired. Even the dog is dog tired. Staying in a hotel with a dog and a toddler is less holiday and more insanity. But we had a great day, we went for lots of walks! One just can't open the front door of one's 11th floor hotel room and let the dog out to run, so we bundled up more than thrice today, and off we went!

When we weren't walking today, we spent some time with family Hopkins Macdonnell, some time with our friends on TLC (whee, 42 channels!) and Griffin spent some time flirting with the ladies. Wherever we went today, Griffin busted out the smiles. We made friends on the elevator, friends on the sidewalk, friends on the path along the canal, and of course, friends at the pub! This wee blond is a champion charmer, and if I didn't think he'd be too busy in medical school, I think he'd make a fantastic performer. Or politician!

OK, that's it for me, I'm going to join the rest of my slumbering boys!

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Gretel said...

ohmigod - 'dog tired' seems to be a theme - did you see that very phrase is the heading for my entry for the same date! I'm feeling your fatigue across the miles, baby. Sleep.