Sunday, December 30, 2007

The news.

Well, my brother never called me to say "NO, DON'T TELL ANYONE!" and I did try to call him twice to make sure it was OK, but after 2 busy signals and no other word, phooey on him, I'm telling!

You may remember nephew #1 from his arrival a few months back. Why look, here's the happy little porker now!Well Paul and Stacey found out a few short months after Peter was born that they were pregnant again...the kids will be 11 months apart (a pause here for a quick little "EGADS!!!" from me!) Well, this week brought the news that Peter's sibling is actually going to be Peter's siblingS, with an "s" as in, plural. TWINS! Wheee! And, EGADS times 2!! I'm very excited that there will be twins in the family, and very excited that they'll belong to my brother, and not me! But think of all the cute outfits that have to be sewn in multiples now - wahoo! Their continuous refusal to find out the sex of their babies is maddening though, ESPECIALLY since there's 2 of them. I may have to order my own ultrasound to find out, and just keep it to my crafty little self!

Congrats to them though...and remember you crazy kids, I know a GREAT postpartum doula...

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Jen M. said...

I can not even imagine what their life will be like soon!

Twins! Eleven months from the first baby! Egads, indeed!