Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We spent a very quiet, chill night here last night, me and the G, my Mom, and Kendra and Adara. Steve is on the road again, this time in Boston, so we took advantage of the absence of any adult males to eat gourmet pizza WITHOUT any meat on it, watch a good chick flick, drink reeeeally nice red wine, eat chocolate and talk babies. And stuff. It was delightful. Kendra and I rang in the new year with a New Years Chocolate, and then prompty hit the hay by about 12:02. Civilized indeed.

Today is my 8th day of a 12 day without a day off work week. Its starting to wear thin. At the same time, the job itself is becomming less job-y and more like fun as I get to know people, and start to make sense of the 876 forms that one needs to fill out just to take a pee at this place. (OK, there's no actual pee forms, but I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a committee somewhere working on one!)

Griffin has been hanging out with my Mom while Steve is in Boston, and soon he's off to spend a few days at his other Grandparents. Like as in sleepover. For THREE nights! Oh lordy, what am I going to do with myself without a Griffin?? I'd like to think I'll take advantage of my freedom to spend a night or 2 on the town, or dance naked with really loud music at 3 am, but the reality is I'll probably go to bed early and lie awake thinking about how much I miss my boys!

I started out the new year less than auspicously this evening with trying to blow the biggest rock you've ever seen out thorough the snow blower. Even if you're not mechanically inclined, you can likely figure out that really large rocks and snow blowers don't really mix. I am PRAYING that I just busted the shear pin, which is a fancy word for 5/8ths bolt, and can fix it with a wrench and about $3.50. I am also praying that I didn't totally wreck the gear box...because that will take a lot more than a wrench...and A LOT more than $3.50! I'll reassess tomorrow in the light. Meanwhile, I got to test out the snow blower as more of a snow plow, and it done-did the trick just fine. Done-did. It's a word, trust me.

And now, for Steve, who loves to see what we're up to while he's away. First up - eating a spagetti dinner. With our hands. And our hair. This one's from when Steve was still home. But HOT DAMN if my kid isn't the cutest thing on 2 legs!!
Happy New Year! I still feel like saying Happy Birthday to my Dad - he would have turned 60 today...New Years Day is wierd without my Dad...it was always HIS day. Anywho, I hope the New Year is fabulous and wonderful and brings you all good things!


Gretel said...

Sooooooooo very jealous of your New Year's Eve!

Fingers crossed for the shear pin option!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

He really is pretty cute. ;-)

That sounds like a PERFECT New Years Eve. A chick flick, chocolate, and wine sound like the exact right ingredients for a relaxing evening.

Happy New Year and I hope the snowblower is OK. *Fingers crossed*