Sunday, December 16, 2007

White, on white, with white accents.

We, like the rest of the province, are under a blanket of snow. A very large, heavy, thick blanket, and not a very nice one, because it's bloody cold! Tomorrow when the sun shines (HA!) I'll take some pictures, but I imagine it looks like just about everywhere else within a 300km radius. White, on white, with white accents.

Most of the storms that we get around here blow in from the west. Westerly winds is what reeks havoc around here, specifically on our driveway. They huff, and they puff, and they blow every speckle of the white stuff around and dump it smack on our driveway. See - here. And here. In that second picture you can see the stakes that outline the entity formerly known as the driveway. You can see that it would be pretty impossible to get a CAR down that driveway - which pretty much takes the drive right out of driveway, and makes it a walk-through-knee-high-snow-for-300-meters-with-bags-of-groceries-and-an-infant-in-a-carseat-way. (Both pictures from last year.)

Hmmm...where was I going with this....

Oh RIGHT - the damn WIND!!

So, this storm, the one that brought the wet, cold snowy blanket, the "worst storm in 60 years" seems to be blowing in from the south east. East? EAST???? One more time....EAST???

What about the over 200 feet of snow fence that I sweat to put up on the WEST side of the driveway??? West side, people, WEST side!! My snow fence does zip, zero, zilch, for the driveway when the snow comes from the other direction!! Just when I thought we had the driveway licked, figured it all out, the worst storm of the season (and lets put a little "so far" in there for good measure) has to blow in from the wrong damned side of the driveway. Groovy.

Luckily, Back Door Doug showed up and plowed the driveway for us. Likely in about 30 seconds. It would have taken me a good hour, and likely still will in the morning. Whee!

And...while everyone stayed tucked safely inside for this storm, me, I went to work. At my new job, working Member Services at a ski club nearby. (Or "servicing members" as Steve was so nice to put it, implying all sorts of dirty things unsuitable for this nice friendly family blog!) Because if anyone is crazy enough to head out in a massive winter storm, searching for that "ultimate ride," it's the snowboarders and the skiers!

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gretel said...

on the subject of the snow fence...deepest sympathies!