Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cinderelly, cinderelly....

The past few weeks for me have been all about work work work. This is the hardest and the most that I've worked since the summer before we moved up here in 2005. (Hmmm...that is coincidentally also the last time I worked in theatre...what are we learning here????) But it's not just the theatre. I've been busting my arse left right and centre and wondering how other Moms manage to hold down a full time job, raise kids, and manage to feed themselves and shower every 4 or 5 days, until it hit me that I'm actually working one full time job, and 2, count em TWO part time jobs! It's not a wonder that this house is a pit, and the washing machine hasn't seen any action since last weekend when the laundry fairy was here...and why the good works of the laundry fairy are still right where you last saw them...folded pretty, in the laundry room!

I had a little mini breakdown the other day, something along the lines of "whats the point in working so hard to pay for a damn house when I hardly live there, and whats the point of having a kid when I never see him, and ohmygod will February just f*ck off already and will the snow just go the hell away ??!!!???!!! " Luckily I had this mini breakdown in my head, while driving the 15 minute drive from job A to home, and by the time I got home I was over it and no one needed to deal with my drama. A shower and a hug and some pasta alfredo fixed any lingering mania, and all was calm....then off I jetted to job B for the night...people, I am TIRED!

All my boys have been superstars through all this. It sure does suck working a 12 hour day, but coming home to dinner on the stove and a cute blond smiling and yelling "Mama!!" sure does make it all OK again. I love you, my boys!!

Tomorrow and Tuesday mark my first 2 days off in...well...I'm not sure how long. It's certainly been a while. At least 3 weeks I'm thinking. I'm going underground for a few days, literally - I'm heading to the basement to catch up on the laundry, and some serious sewing that has been at a standstill for too long. Time to get the old stuff done and off the table, just in time for the new stuff coming down the pipe. AND I'm shutting the computer cabinet. I'm putting my to do list on the outside door of the computer cabinet, and aside from the morning coffee and email check, I won't open the door until at least 5 things on the list are crossed off. There's 20 on the list right now, and counting.

I will still, however, be accepting distracting phone calls especially if you're a) calling to offer me money, or b) calling to talk about playing hookey and doing a day at the spa with me on the 4th of March (hint, hint GMO...) or c) the laundry fairy.

And now, because I'm sure you missed us, a little photo love. Here, Griffin's first self portrait:And some crazy Mama love:
And some lovely Mama love!See y'all on the other side of Mt. Laundry!!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Is there an end in sight? I mean, I know you get a "break" for the next two days, but I don't think I could handle working two part-time jobs on top of everything I already do. I'm pretty sure I would have already jumped off that cliff.

Good luck knocking out that list!

Jonny's Mommy said...

OK. That is crazy -- I can barely handle my one job and how little I see my son. No way would three jobs be worth it for me....I say get some sanity back and quit one job. Nothing is worth losing all that time with you son. And ditto on the snow -- it needs to go away and NOW!

Jenn said...

Luckily they wax and wane, these past few weeks have just been a lot of all of them at once! The one part time gig is starting up my own business, and while I get that rolling, the other two keep the cash rolling in. Or trickling in, anyway!

Kendra said...

Hmm... You're making the sobbing fit that I had about nothing yesterday seem really petty and pathetic... Oh wait, it was! :)