Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gettin' 'er done.

I did well on my list yesterday, crossing off 11 thing of a list of 23. They were mostly errand-y things, but I did get a good start on the laundry too. Something I found that makes doing laundry easier: whipping up a pot of Laundry Room Soup.

Laundry Room Soup:

Fill basin approx 1/2 full with tepid water. Add bubbles for extra flavour. Let simmer for as long as you're doing laundry. Stir often.

Yields: 1 occupied toddler, and 1 uninterrupted load of folded laundry. Also keeps toddler away from basket of clean clothes, and spreading said clean clothes all over the not so clean floor!

Today we've shipped G. to daycare left G. in the loving hands of his daycare provider, and now we're getting serious about the laundry, and about all the stuff piled on my sewing table. Part of the pile on my sewing table is some new clothes. The hand me down train has come to a stop. Or at least a pause - we seem to have some stuff in the 6X range, but nothing between the 2T and there. The other day he had pants on that would be more appropriate for a spring flood than a cold winter day. We've even reached the end of the onesie train...ah, Carters, how I wish you would come here to Canada! Their onesies are the only ones long enough for my tall dude, and the few Canadian stores that carry them only carry the 3 to 12 month ones, nothing for the 18 to 24 month old. Hey, any of my stateside bloggy peeps want to go shopping at Carters for me??

Speaking of getting serious, I better get at it. Sewing isn't going to happen with me sitting at the computer. Or with me smelling so bad! Shower, breakfast, get at 'er! Hope your day is productive too!


Kater said...

Cam I love Carters so much, we're going to MARRY Carters. I'll look at my "big kids' clothes" stock for you. And I better get G's sweater done! I need a break from the w. gown anyway. xo

Jonny's Mommy said...

Where is carters? I have some Carters stuff too and love it. I'll have to do some looking. Don't they have a web site or something? They must. I could look around for you and maybe help out!

Glad you got some laundry done. Tonight it is dishes for me. :-(

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Really? You like Carters? I'm not a fan, but there is an outlet store an hour North of my house. Next time I'm headed that way for my Gymboree Outlet fix, I'll drop you a line. Seriously. It probably won't be for a month or two since it's an outdoor outlet mall. Brrr.

Jenn said...

Carters has a website where you can find nearby stores, but they have very little that you can order on line, which makes me not like them a little bit, but not enough to stop buying their stuff! If anyone wants to shop for me, I'd be happy to work something out! You guys rock!!