Thursday, February 28, 2008

Randy and Melissa's Wedding Quilt

It's oh-so-close to done, but I just had to venture out in the beautiful sunshine to take some pictures of it today, because who knows when it'll be this lovely outside again. (I nearly froze my flippin' fingers off, but I suppose that's beside the point.)

This quilt is for out friends Randy and Melissa, who got married....oh, about 3 weeks ago. Late with the wedding presents, that's my claim to fame! Their wedding was easily the most beautiful wedding that we'd ever been to, and I was thrilled when we arrived to see that they had gone with a red and brown heart supercool does that make me look!!??

(Gawd I wish our neighbour would move that stupid trailer, with it's butt end sticking out and wrecking my picture!)

The knot in the middle of this quilt is certainly one of the most challenging things I've taken on. I decided that since the centre square was so intricate, that the rest of the quilt deserved a break.
And here she is, flappin' in the breeze under a (bloody freezing) blue sky.


gretel said...

Gorgeous...and I see a jet flew overhead, as well!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Nice photos and beautiful quilt!

Sarah said...

I love the last pic - it turned out sooo well Jenn! Congrats!!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You are amazing! That pattern is crazy intricate. I'm very impressed.