Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter in Photos

This is post 494, people! We're just that much closer to the 500 mark! Don't forget to leave a comment or 10 to participate in giveaway goodness! So far my journey to the scrap pile in the search for giveaway goodness has Ok, that's not entirely true. There's an idea in my head, but I think a leisurely trip to the fabricy quilty store with a latte in hand is in order....mmmm, I get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it!

(GALL DARN IT, why aren't my fingers working in tune with my BRAIN tonight? I must have typed that last sentence 27 times before getting it right...sweet bjezus!!)

OK, less typing, more pictures! For your visual amusement purposes, I bring you "Easter, The Montage." Or, "Lets try to figure out this new camera by taking pictures, since we don't have the manual!" (Seriously Kendra, it's OK, this way is more fun!)

I call this "Griffin examines Oma's bling" on the ride to Gramma and Grandpas. (Not shown: "Griffin taste tests Oma's bling." And "Griffin throws Oma's bling on the floor...Three Times.")

"Hey Ma....I think they like me....they really, REALLY like me!!"
"If I sit here and look innocent and cherubic, maybe they won't notice when I eat the dog's food."
Unbeknown to Griffin, Grandpa's ALWAYS watching...
"Easter eggs (that Mama spent all night sewing,) schmeaster eggs (that Mama spent all night sewing!!)....there's STUFF out there!"
"Does my new house coat make me tired as I feel??""Seriously Gramma....can we talk?? There's gotta be more of those heart shaped cereal thingys...there's just GOTTA!"
Tulips...a sign of spring, perhaps?
My husband, relaxing (and looking cute) while someone ELSE cooks dinner, for a change!Griffin pauses JUST long enough to show off one of the fabric Easter eggs (that Mama spent all night sewing, in case you missed that part earlier.)Happy Easter, y'all!


Kater said...

I LOVE the eggs!! I was hoping to make some too but I ran out of time! (I did manage to make a super awesome bag for all Cam's Mega blocks though!)

Sarah said...

You are so good Jenn! Dylan just got a little train...not even wrapped. Nothing made or easter themed at all!
Hoppy Easter!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

The eggs are wonderful! Thanks for the cute pictures, hon!

Debra Dalgleish said...

Happy Easter! You may be able to find the camera's user guide on the manufacturer's web site.
Or here:

Jonny's mommy said...

The photos are awesome Looks like you are doing great without the manual.

And your little one is just adorable! Love the close up shots of his grandpa and your hubby too. Nice lighting, etc.

gretel said...

That's one monster egg! Emu?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I want me some of those Easter eggs. It looks like I could throw them at the dog and not get in too much trouble. ;-)

Love the photos, especially the one of Grandpa.

Happy (belated) Easter!