Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Date Night

Steve and I had the pleasure of spending an entire evening, alone with each other on Saturday night. Can I gloat about it a little? Because it ROCKED!!

Griffin spent the night at his Grandparents. Usually he goes there when we have some event of sorts to head to - a wedding, or some other dress up thing that involves driving lots of kilometers far away from our beautiful home. Not this time - Steve was supposed to work all weekend, but by happy accident there was no work to be had. Griffin went off anyway, I finished up at 3 on Saturday, and we were free, free, free!!

First stop - beer! We went on an adventure, looking for a place to have a cool pint that we had never had a cool pint before. We ended up at a teeny tiny 8 seater pub, in the heart of Orangeville. 8 seats - I kid you not! The pub is attached to a larger, fancy pants restaurant, but it's a little tucked away corner in one of the oldest buildings in the town. They're in the midst of constructing a "ginormous" 30 seat pub in the basement - which used to be a hidden booze-making establishment during prohibition. Also where the town's Founding Fathers are rumoured to have gone when their respectable selves needed a less than respectable libation at the end of the day. Drinking bootlegging booze in the underground of the town - you go Founding Fathers, you go!

Next stop, new pants! While I did not particularly enjoy pouring my tubby "I've been eating comfort food and sitting on my arse all winter" bum into size way to large jeans, I did fall in love with the Marks Work Wearhouse, where they have jeans of all sizes, and lots of them! I'm tired of going to the mall and having to choose between a size 2 and a size 4 long. Yeah-huh. I may be a long, but I am no where near either of the rest of those sizes...I imagine not many of us are!! (And if you are, just don't talk about it here, okey-dokey??)

Stop three - trees. We bought some cedar trees for our back yard, and slugged them into the station wagon because we never seem to have the wagon WITHOUT the car seat holding the cute kid. I'm glad we did it then, but it was an awful lot like exercises, and I could have done without it on my perfect afternoon. I think it's also the explanation for the 5 inch long and rather irritated looking scratch on the inside of my thigh...but I'm not certain on that. How I can get a 5" scratch on the inside of my thigh and not remember where it came from is beyond me. You'd think a gal would remember something like that. Anywho...

We headed next to our favourite watering hole, one we've visited many times before. Coincidentally this is also a teeny tiny place, about 20 seats or so, in the basement of an old inn. We had beer and appetizers. We had wine and dinner. We had all of this, uninterrupted by anyone throwing forks, or food, at us! We had candle lit conversations as the lights went out for Earth Hour. It was just delightful!

We were home by 9:30. Watched some Firefly. Canoodled. And stuff. Fell asleep and slept the entire night through. I really couldn't have imagined a better evening. And Griffin, being the smart and respectful kid that he is, had a great time, behaved his little toddler self, and slept through the night. We think this all bodes very well, and I'm glad, because I could use nights like that more often. We all could, I'm sure!


Lara said...

Sounds fabulous! We have date nights but we always do the same thing... dinner, maybe a movie. And while that's fun, I think we need to go out and explore, find a pub, etc. Yay to a great date night!

boondockramblings said...

That sounds awesome!

Hubby and I haven't had this in 17 months because our little one hates to be away from us.

Is Firefly the Sci-fi show? Hubby got me hooked on that. Let's just say I hate Joss Whedon for the ending of the Serenity movie, though.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I so wish we lived semi-close to some family so we could try the same thing. It sounds like you had a great time!

BTW, I'm forever finding scratches and bruises on myself and never have any idea where they came from. However, if something hurts like a SOB, I am not rewarded with proof that I injured myself in the form of a bruise or maybe some blood. It's not fair.