Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring At Last!

Today, we got outside! FINALLY!! Since we don't get outside much around here in the great windy white north, we've been waiting and waiting (and waiting...waiting...etc) to enjoy a few nice sunshiny days. Today was finally the day! We headed out for the first time this year to enjoy our morning java on the front porch. While we fueled up, Griffin enjoyed the high tech device we built to move the sump pump drainage away from the house a bit further - a few pieces of siding with water flowing down it is HOURS of fun! Just LOOK at how much fun it is! Zoom in nice and close on this one, and notice the perfectly captured drool that is dangling off Griffin's chin. It catches the light most beautifully!
Even Dudler got in on the action:
This one's for Oma - we finally got out the coveralls you bought Griffin about 19 months ago, and look how bloody adorable they are! My baby farmer boy!

Welcome, spring! We hope you're here to stay!


Gretel said...

Holy cow! What size are those rubber boots?!

Jenn said...

Those rubber boots are the size that FITS - size 8 baby, aka "I'm going to spend lots of money on custom order mammoth shoes when this kid turns 16."