Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring = Sprung

We've been trying to DO things a little different around here.

We're getting the chaos organized, or at least the chaos that is directly under our control.

We're cleaning, making lists, getting things done. We're eating better. Hell, I've been excising. And not just weenie exercise, RUNNING!!!

(Allow me to digress for a moment: I think running is just about the dumbest thing ever invented, unless of course you're being chased by something big and hairy with a lot bigger teeth than you, and then it's just plain handy. I'm opposed to it physically with all that jarring and bouncing and shaking, and I'm opposed to it morally, because I think it's a mean thing to make someone do. I gave a card to a friend once that on the outside said "I don't run." On the inside it said "It makes my lunch fall out of it's glass." That pretty much sums up my feelings on it.


When one can run, in the comfort of one's home, on a little machiney thingy that is less bouncy and jarry and more glidey and flowy, and at the same time watch America's Next Top Model, highly educational programming because the glidey flowy machine also has wheels for JUST THIS EXACT PURPOSE...then running suddenly sound less evil, and, well, darn right PRACTICAL! Hell, it's pushing multi-tasking, and we all know how much I love THAT!)

It feels like an exciting time around here...I'm not sure exactly what I'm excited about, but I just feel down-right happy. And optimistic. And that's nice.

It's totally the spring. I am one of those people who come ALIVE in the spring. I like the winter, and the satisfaction of shoveling a sidewalk or plowing the driveway, but by February I am SO over all of those things, and I need air. I need sun. I need to feel the ground under my feet, and I don't want two pairs of socks, heavy winter boots, and 3 feet of snow to come between us!! (I accidentally typed "3 feet of snot," which is also accurate!)

Every day we figure out a little more of this little life of ours. After all, it's still so NEW. Hell, we're all still new to each other, in the grand scheme of things. Me, Steve, Griffin, Dudley, this house, this town - none of us have known each other for very long at all! But as get to know each other, a little more each day, we're making our little corner of the world a better place to be. We have big dreams and plans, and just in the past few days it has started to feel like we might reach them some day.

Isn't the spring a wonderful thing?


Kendra said...

Oh, this post made me happy! Thanks!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You are way too funny! I absolutely agree, there is no good reason to run if you aren't being chased.