Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Highway Robbery

Dear Air Canada,

Suck it.


First they soak you for a flight.

Then they say that you and your infant can now only check a total of 2 items. That's a TOTAL of two, between the two of you. Lets count, breaking it down to the BARE ESSENTAILS:

-My stuff, and Griffin's stuff, including clothes, toiletries, shoes, and so on, for a week, all stuffed into one suitcase, not weighing over 50 lbs. (Excuse me for a second while I...HAHAHA!!)
-The car seat.
-The stroller.

That's 1, 2....3!!! But surely, we can check the car seat AND the stroller? I mean, who would expect you to travel without either? Surely they make exceptions for these items.

As Oscar the Grouch would say: "Ding Dong, you're wrong."

No exceptions. Got a stroller and a car seat? Well that's ok. But got a stroller and a car seat, AND a suitcase? Maybe want to bring along some CLOTHES for your trip? Don't want to carry your 30 plus lb baby? Maybe want your kid to be safe as you drive all over Halifax too? Fork over the dough, you're paying for an extra item.

Like I said earlier.



Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

OMFG. You've got to be kidding me. Niiiiiice. Airlines are the black holes of suck.

Lara said...

as if! Did they let you bring to the gate and they stow it underneath at the last minute (stroller anyways)?

gretel said...

Are you serious? Is this new that they count your stroller that you take to gate as one of your checked items? I'm still reeling from the recent change to minimum age for unaccompanied minors - used to be 5 - now TWELVE! Tristan will be heartbroken when we tell him he can't fly alone to Grandpa's house anymore! Suck, suck, suck!

Nicki said...

Thats crazy! I think they at least shouldn't count the car seat as a carry-on, because you can actually use it on the airplane for safety!

vandy said...

Gee, Jenn, it never even occurred to me to mention this. (Though what would that have accomplished, you could be pissed ahead of time, or on the day!) Darrell discovered this when he flew to Denmark, and was lucky enough, because he'd paid for his flight before they changed the rule, that he was still able to take two bags! And he flew Continental, so it's everywhere....

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

WOW, That Bites. Seriously that is so dumb. How can they expect that? Craziness!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Dude, that's just not right. Bastard airlines are nothing but a bunch of jackasses these days.