Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Morning

It's 7am, and we've been up for an hour or so. Steve left this morning at 6 and came to kiss us goodbye (I was asleep in Griffin's room) and after he left Griffin was insistent that he eat. "Eat! Eat! Eat!" he says to me, throwing in the sign for "eat" just for good measure, just to make SURE I know he wants to eat. Thanks kid. Even though 6am is not our usually rising time (thank CHRIST) I thought "Oh hell. I can't exactly deny the kid food if he's hungry. It's not like he's asking to drag me out of bed to watch Sesame Street or something, the kid is HUNGRY."

Griffin is now parked in front of Sesame Street, sitting in front of an uneaten tray of bananas and toast.

Sucker of the Day. That'd be me. Right here.

Griffin and I are leaving tomorrow for a week, and I haven't packed a thing. I haven't even got the suitcase out of hiding. This is SOOO unlike me. I'm usually packed last week. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this house is a disaster, of magnifying proportions. It looks like a bomb went off in my sewing room, and I'm pretty sure there WAS a bomb of some sort in the laundry room, or maybe it was the piles of clean laundry getting into a fight with the dirty laundry over who smells better. (UM, clean. Hands down.) You'd think the laundry could do something a little more productive than fight, like maybe WASH ITSELF!!

I tell ya, if this "thing" works out, the first thing we're going to do it pop a bottle of bubbly. And the second thing is to find a damn house cleaner to come and whip this place into shape once a week!

And now, little boys at play. Notice how completely and utterly SOAKED this kid is...including the hat.

Annnnd....this would be why the hat was soaked. I offered him a cup of water to drink, and was met with a loud emphatic "NO." Bucket drinking it is then.
"Um, lady? 86 the camera wouldja? I'm doing important shit here!"
A bucket of water and a handful of rocks = a whole lot of weed free veggie gardens.
Gardening with a toddler is a bit like having ADD. I garden where Griffin wants to go in the yard, because lord knows that wherever I want to be, he wants to be exploring somewhere ELSE. So we do a bit here, and then a bit over there, and at the end of the day I make my way around the property and pick up the carnage and leftover garden tools all over the place. It's not the most productive way to get things done, but it works.

OK, time to get this day in gear! Sorry about the rambling randomness.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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Jonny's Mommy said...

sounds like how I have to do my laundry -- in fact I can't fold it with Jonathan around because he decides it looks better unfolded and then it just becomes this back and forth battle.