Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sleepless Nights

I haz dem.

(You'll have to excuse me - I'm running on 4 hours of [not very good] sleep and am feeling a little foggy right now, thus the desperado cry for help. HELP!!)

Griffin has the uncanny ability to wake up just as we settle into the pillow. No matter what time it is that we go to bed, the moment you're snuggled in, with the covers JUST SO, your pillows perfectly positioned, the dog not laying on top of you, and you take that final deep breath of the day to drift of into la la land.....annnnnnd cue the crying toddler.

Usually he gets back to sleep no problem, but not last night. Last night was one of THOSE nights.

He has THOSE nights, where he tosses and turns and tosses and turns for hours upon hours. Last night it was from 12am until 3am. He also apparently NEEDS to have a parent present for this tossing and turning, because if you even THINK of leaving him to toss and turn on his own he goes into inconsolable hysterics.

I finally got fed up with him at 3am and DID leave him alone in his bed - as predicted he went into hysterics and screamed at top volume for about 30 minutes, which was just about all I could take. I went up to his room at 3:30, armed with as many sleep aids as I could think of - I fed him some chamomile pills, a bottle of warm milk, and lastly, some Tylenol. (When I entered his room the carpet on the other side of the door was warm - I think he had been laying on the floor and screaming at the door. Awesome.)

After about 30 minutes he settled, and FINALLY crashed. We slept from 4am till 8am. Hardly a stellar nights sleep.

I thought I had this figured out. He didn't have any of these episodes when we were in Halifax, but after his first day back at daycare he was tossing all night again. After it happened after the second day at daycare, I thought "AH HA!! It's daycare, it must be SUGAR!" (Griffin gets treats at daycare that we don't feed him here - chocolate chip cookies, freezies, etc.) So off I went to the health food store to load up on sugar-free alternatives to send him to daycare with. The next night of daycare was a peaceful one.

Yesterday? No sugar. No daycare. And STILL, no sleep. Humph.

WTF? Any ideas? We had a delightful day yesterday, lots of outside time, a swim at the pool in O'ville, a great nap, lots to drink and eat. We even went for a run-around outside just before bed, to ensure extra tuckered-outedness. Good thing he's cute, otherwise I'd have to trade him in for a hot tub or something.

Anyway, let me know if you have any brilliant ideas. I'll be in bed.

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Donna said...

the weather? the moon?
that's the best I got.
Lil Darlin has been the same way - a few nights ago and then again last night. I know a few nights ago my sis baby was the same way - no reason, just because.
They say the sleep deprivation is worth it and I'm too tired to think of a good arguement!