Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a Jungle Out There In Here

Nothing brings on a Frost Warning better than planting the veggie garden! A before shot, taken from the bedroom window, of the loveliness in progress that is happening in my backyard...all straight lines marked out with string, seedlings in tidy rows....it makes the OCD part of me giggle with glee! And then today, as if there isn't enough bloody laundry around here, we went and took all the bedsheets and tented them over the poor little seedlings, to keep them from dying a frosty cold death.(Don't the pillowcases over the tomato cages make you smile though?)As well, all the rest of the annuals waiting to be planted came inside. I moved this shelf here just for this occasion so we could all have a little party in the living room. See those hanging baskets on the top shelf? Those are the $16 ones that were pretty much dead to the world when I came home from Halifax....that I have nursed back to health with love, sunshine and a fancy organic kelp rescue remedy. Maybe I do have Dad's green thumb after all! Hope you're staying frost-free, wherever you are!

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