Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ummm...what now?

Steve is away.

Because he had to go away, I had to do laundry, so most of the laundry is done.

My Mom was here overnight, so my kitchen is clean.

I had company today, so the rest of my house is clean. The grass is cut.

The kid fell asleep in about 5.8 seconds tonight after a long day spent outside.

ANTM and Survivor are over for the season (DAMN YOU, Jian Ghomeshi and your stupid "Q," for telling me who won before I had a chance to watch it!! DAMN! YOU!) I have watched the most recent episodes of Lost and Battlestar Gallactica.

I could clean my sewing room, but that would be boring.

Griffin is booked to go to daycare tomorrow. I have a week off, if not two until my new job starts.

There are veggies to plant, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

I'm not EXACTLY sure what to do with myself....

Luckily, I forgot to feed my guests their dessert, so I now have 15 miniature cheesecakes to devour (OK, make that 13.) They also kindly left 2 beers and a vodka cooler in my fridge.

I think this calls for cheesecake and a beer in bed with a good book. Party-whoo!


Gretel said...

I am positively GREEEEEN with envy! Enjoy!

Memarie Lane said...

LOL my mom is coming over on Wednesday to watch the kids so I can "have a break," so I get to spend the next two days cleaning. Thanks Mom! :P