Monday, May 12, 2008


I apologize for the lack of...well...anything exciting AT ALL happening around here these days. I mean, there's stuff happening, but my ability to tell y'all about it in a way that won't make you fall asleep or die crying in your tears of boredom seems to have flown the coop. I am blogfully uninspired. I am humourless. I am boring.

Today brings about a little excitement here - I'm not up for telling the whole story, lets just say that I'm off to talk to someone about a gig that could result in some big changes around here. Good big changes, I think. That's all I can say, except for asking you to send good vibes this way today, even though I've generally been pretty lackluster of late. Maybe you can send some funny vibes too, or something to get me out of this rut while you're at it!

P.S. I got the tractor stuck in the mud yesterday and back door Doug had to come and pull us out. You'd think I could spin that into a humorous entertaining tale...but nope. Tractor. Mud. Stuck. That's all I got.

Dudes, send those vibes!


gretel said...

I'm afraid I'm not the dude with the vibes, this week. Things chez are equally you, not cuz things aren't cookin' but just because I'm so overwhelmed I can't find the time or brainpower to stop churning long enough to write! Can't wait to hear how the meeting goes!

Jonny's Mommy said...

I'm sending you vibes...

And I changed the Avatars on my page finally so they are not the scary monsters anymore.

Hope you had an awesome mommy's day and I hope the gig works out.

Coley said...

*fingers crossed*