Monday, May 12, 2008

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

After being detained yesterday by an unfortunate incident involving mud, and a sad cry for help to someone with a bigger tractor, I decided to get right back on that horse and cut the damn grass. (Plus, Lawnmower Dave was doing his grass, and we don't like to be out-mowed by Lawnmower Dave, even thought his tractor could kick our tractors ass in a cage match.) I refrained from cutting the part directly UNDER Griffin's window as not to wake him, so a little bit more tomorrow, but it sure was nice to have that nice fresh smell of cut grass in the air. And loud machines. And the crazy assed "I've been holding a weed eater for too long" hippy hippy shakes. Mmmmmmm....spring!

The tulip bulbs that I planted in the fall are coming up, and although they're still tiny, I hope they'll flower. Both the weed eater and the push mower started up without too much effort, and I successfully swapped out the snow blower and put on the lawnmower with minimal lots of swearing and no major injuries (umm...some minor though. Nothing Serious.) I planted some hearty stuff in the garden, with fun little plastic cloches over top of them. All very shi-shi fon-fon.

The thing went well today, thanks for the good mojo, there's another "thing" on Wednesday, but we're very hopeful.

Griffin and I are off for a week as of Thursday, to hang in Halifax with Alexis, Jeff and Timothy in their NEW! HOUSE!! And to meet the wee Cull offspring (and her Mom!) while we're at it. Drink some beers. Chill. Mmm, heavenly! Timothy and Griffin being only 5 weeks apart, we're hoping Griffin and him can hang out and be buds and read comic books and drink Coke or whatever it is that little boys do while their mothers get drunk reminisce over tea.

Steve's down time is officially OVER (hey, wait, when was the downtime??) and he's off and running, opening something ridiculous like 9 shows in the month of June.

Griffin is cute as hell, repeating every single word we say, and will soon be able to run faster (and longer) than us. Him and his superfantatic daddy-o made Mother's Day yesterday one of the best days with our little family yet...I'm still feeling the afterglow, since today went so well too (aside from the Parking Lot Obsessed, Cranky-Assed Fish Shack Lady in Caledon East, who sullied my afternoon bliss. Twit!) Thanks to my boys for the best Mother's Day EVER!

And then, we (hopefully, if the "thing" goes well) jump straight into a new mad, mad world. I'm trying to walk the fine line between kicking ass and taking names, and getting my hopes up too high. AcK! It's a very FINE line!


How's things with you?


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

"Parking Lot Obsessed, Cranky-Assed Fish Shack Lady" - *snort!* Maybe she had a bad Mother's Day.

Kathy said...

Hi, I just wandered into your blog while browsing and I think sometimes all we need is a little fresh air to feel calm and collected. Mowing the lawn can be therapeutic!

gretel said...

I think I'm living your life this week, Jenn. With 'things' on the go and domestic disaster and cute toddlers...except without the gardening and travelling and drinking 'tea' with 'Lex!

Have a great time. Let go of your former self's relationship to suitcases and are a new woman, now! You're too cool and important to pack in advance!