Monday, June 02, 2008


So I'm doing this "cleanse." Basically it means taking some fancy colon cleansing herbs and total body cleansing herbs, drinking enough water to float the damn ark on, and starving myself to death for 7 days. Awesome!

OK, so I'm not EXACTLY starving...but when you eat mostly fruits and veggies for days on end, it's pretty tough to feel FULL at the end of the day. I must confess in increasing the portion sizes maybe by a tad...after all, it says the meal plan is for a 150lb if I was doing this cleanse when I was TWENTY I would go by their portions, but since I'm not a good 10 years and a few pounds past 20, I feel like it's OK if I maybe eat a bit more.

I have no idea if it's working. I feel no different. I have a little less energy than usual, but that's maybe because I have to walk to the toilet at least 47 times a day. Although, if smelly farts are an indication of successful detoxification, then it's working REALLY WELL!

Luckily, I'm on this plan till Saturday, so I'll have plenty of chances to "share my success" with my new co-workers at my new job which starts on Wednesday. How to make friends and influence people at your new job....yeaaaah. Actually, this could work to my advantage - if I'm really lucky, I may fart myself right into my own office, rather than forcing everyone else to suffer by stinking up the cubicle farm...SUH-WEET!!


The Single Girl said...

seven days ... whatever! Talk to me when you do a twelve day cleanse ;)


Jonny's Mommy said...

I can never seem to comment on your blog at home. My computer seems to hate blogger! Argh!

So anyhooo...glad Griffin is doing better and good luck on this cleansing thing. Yikes sounds scary.

Also, on the previous post with Griffin putting the coffee in the dog's That is one Jonathan has not yet done. Not yet...hope he hasn't learned to read without me knowing and now has ideas!