Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tracking the Fun

Every once in a while I like to pop on over to my tracker, and see who's been by for a visit. All of us who have trackers know that the BEST part of the tracker is the google search querys - let's see what y'all have been typing into the big old G-double O-G these days:

Three (count 'em - THREE) folks stopped by, looking for information on "Shaggy Haircuts." Yes, we have plenty of those around here. Shaggy McLong Hair himself. Stay tuned, for Shaggy McLong Hair has returned, and is going under the scissors again, any day now.

"Toddler Throws Himself Against Crib." Yes, yes he does. So does his mother, when he won't sleep. Next.

"Living on the Roof." Sorry, all you greenies who are looking for information about rooftop gardens, green roofs, and whatnot. You get cute toddlers and excessive gas instead. Like I said, sorry.

"Benefits of the Roof of a Car." Ummm...keeping you dry when it rains, maybe? Keeping you warm when it's minus 30 degrees outside? Keeping the birdshit off your head? Not sure what other information you were hoping to find, but thanks for stopping by!

And my favourite: "Things in our life dragging us away from God." You've come to the right place! We have drinking, plenty of profanity, sex drugs and rock and roll. Welcome to the Roof!

P.S. We're featured on "Mom, I'm bored" today, go check us out, and check out the rest of the site too - some great ideas for the dog-days of summer, when your kids are about to drive you bat-shit crazy!

1 comment:

Donna said...

I keep meaning to do one of these posts. The traffic I get with the words barefoot is unbelievable!

I wonder what the person who was looking for what was dragging them away from God thought when they got your sight.