Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happiness is: Day 7

Pizza, from scratch, is one of our favourite meals here....makes me hungry all over again just looking at it. One for me, topped just the way I like it, and one for the "discerning" (ie: green pepper hating, olive hating, mushroom hating) eater in the house. Everybody wins! My holly bush, which I bought on clearance last fall (duh!) and was quite certain had given up on life, has decided to give it another go. I pruned the hell out of it, and now will hope for the best...all I want is a few sprigs with berries to put on the table on Christmas day, that's all I ask!

My new honeysuckle plant, which with a helping hand from me, and a thingamabob from Lee Valley, I'm hoping will climb up and make itself at home on the ugly downspout pipe. It's off to a rocking start!How I ask you, HOW could these 2 faces not make a gal smile?
Hope you're enjoying a happy day too, where ever you are!

(I also want to say to those of you I visit on a daily basis that my recent commenting has sucked. Consider this a blanket apology. Suck-tastic I know, but until I get into the rhythm oh this new life, that's the way it has to be! I'm glad you keep coming back!)


Donna said...

We have home made pizza every weekend.

I get to have onions, green peppers, and sometimes broccoli on my pieces and just pepparoni on my husband's (he's so boring).

Do you use a raising dough for your crust?

Regina said...

Hubby makes me pizza every weekend - nearly - cheese for the Munchkin, pepperoni for Hubby - and I get either anchovy (mmmmmmm...) or spinach and mushroom white pizza. Yum! Hmm - maybe we might be moving pizza night up a day! I'm hungry now.

Jonny's Mommy said...

What a great photo of two very sweet looking men! Never made it homemade, but Hubby tried once and it came out OK.