Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happiness is: Day 26

Today is day 26 of my happy quest. It's been very good for me to focus on happy things this past month, and it makes it easy to have something to blog about on a daily basis. But setting myself up with a daily post, no matter how simple the topic, means I still feel pressure to post every day, and feel like I somehow failed if I don't. It's my own pressure that I put there, I realize that, but it's made me realize that I need to take a little break from here.

The laundry is piled high atop Mt. Foldmore (at least it's clean!) The house is a mess. My garden is growing like mad, the time that I am not at work, or not snuggling with my beautiful boy, I want to be out in the sunshine, out weeding and digging and taking care of my little plot of veggie growing land that I already have so much time invested in, and that I DON'T want to see fall by the wayside. I have baskets of strawberries that I want to turn into jam. I have a little boy who doesn't want to be anywhere but outside, and I want to be there with him! I am going to save bloggy-land for rainy days, for snowy days later in the year, or for days when I absolutely need to share!

(I've also just been told that I need to stay off the computer, because I inadvertently deleted the ENTIRE month's worth of happy photos from my computer last night, which makes me considerably less than happy. Steve's geek-friend Paul is going to try and help me recover them tomorrow, but until then I'm to stay off of here...we LOVE Paul!)

I would like to leave the happy quest on a happy note - today is a very important birthday in our house. Dudler the Wonderdawg turns 4 today. Dudley has gone from being a fru-fru upstate New Yorker who had NEVER been off leash, save for his own fenced in yard, to becoming a still slightly insane, yet wonderful, loyal companion for all of us here under our own little roof. He still barks at the cows. And sometimes the snow. And he takes up too damn much of the bed (at least he stopped peeing on it.) He runs free around here, chasing groundhogs and running in the tall grass like he couldn't possibly be happier. EVER! He sits on the porch and surveys his land like a king. He protects it fiercely...sometimes too fiercely, but his heart is in the right place!

We're firm believers in presents around here, and dogs are no exception to the present rule. Dudler has a shiny new water and food bowl, he enjoyed some crunchy good pig ears today, and some extra treats thrown in by the little old lady who runs the pet store, who thought that my (nearly) 6 foot tall, burly husband buying birthday presents for his dog was just the sweetest thing she'd ever heard of.

Happy Birthday Dudler! And while we're on birthdays, Happy Birthday tomorrow to the best Grandma a little blond dude named Griffin could ever hope for! We look forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

So that's it for me, folks. I may be back in a week, I may be back tomorrow, who the heck knows! But since you're not spending all your time reading here, like you normally do (HA!) I'd encourage you to get the heck away from the computer too - get outside in that sunshine, and enjoy it while it lasts, because before you know it that white shit will be back, and we'll all be longing for veggie gardens to weed, and grass to cut, and fresh tomatoes to eat right off the plant!

Ciao for now!


Kater said...

HUGE day. The Dudler-I remember him, in the stories you've told, since I've only just met him (I think he was 2?) as The Puker, The Destroyer, The One Who Shall Remain Nameless (in terms of the crimes most devious and awful), The Sneaky Eater, and forever in my heart, the BARKER (he was protecting his baby, so it's okay).
Happy Birthday Dudley, we love you very much, K8r, Arras, Cam, and especially, Nero.

Kater said...

Ah Jesus, he's so cute, I had to comment again. Happy birthday!!!!!!

Oh, BTW, next line of yarn from Poodle. Shorn only. Hypoallergenic!!!

gretel said...

HB Dudley! I'll miss yer daily posts - but maybe if I'm not checking your blog so often, I can weed my own garden and hang out with my OWN kids! Slings to be sewn! love ya!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Happy Birthday, Dudley! Glad you had a great one! And? Sweetie! I've got you in my Google reader. Whenever you post, I'll be here. You take care of you and that sweet family! :)