Saturday, July 05, 2008

New Tricks

(I started this on Saturday, so when I say yesterday, I mean Friday. Today is Monday, yesterday was really Sunday, but here it was really Friday. Confused yet? Good.)

So yesterday we bought a new tent in preparation for our upcoming camping trip.'s MASSIVE. Excessively so. It's bigger than Steve's first apartment...literally. But that's not what I'm here to tell you about, so we'll move on.

I decided to set up the MASSIVE tent to test it out. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to keep it, it just seemed too big. So I set it up, to test it. It was a calm and quiet night here, and we all know how rare they are. Do we also remember what we do on these rare nights? That's right - burn baby, burn! So with the massive tent in the back yard, and the over sized bonfire totally regulation campfire crackling nearby, there was only one thing to do. CAMP OUT!
We hauled out the inflatable mattress, the bedding, and of course, the baby monitor. We didn't think it was fair to drag G into our twisted camp-out shenanigans, so we left him slumbering all warm and toasty upstairs - we were camped out under his bedroom window with the monitor, and feeling just fine.

Isn't it just amazing, the security we get with that little monitor strapped to our belt? I once had a dream about driving to my moms house, a mere 2 hours away, with the monitor on the dash, listening to my baby snore peacefully away. It was only when he started crying, and I, 100 miles away and helpless to assist him, did it dawn on me that maybe it was a bad idea. We stayed in a hotel in Ottawa once, and had the monitor on us for a later, non hotel part of the trip, and wondered out loud if it would perhaps be in range in the lounge a few stories down, so we could drink some beer and watch some playoffs on TV. (Don't worry, I've never ACTUALLY gone for a drive, or down to the lounge with the monitor strapped to my belt, but I sure have thought about it...and I'm willing to bet so have the rest of y'all!)

We I had a fantastic sleep, as I usually do outside. When Steve got up in the morning to go inside to use the facilities, imagine his surprise when he found Griffin, playing contentedly on the landing, OUTSIDE his bedroom!

New Trick = opening doors!

I have no idea if he cried when he got up. I doubt it, as I'm pretty attuned to that monitor, even in a deep sleep. Since he SHUT THE DOOR behind him when he left his bedroom, we don't know if he called for us or not, but he was quite happy playing on his own, hardly even acknowledged Steve when he came in. Now we just need to teach the turkey how to start up the Street DVD on his own, and where the coffee is, and he can come down on his own and wake us up when breakfast is ready! I see good things in our future!

In other news, for a mother that smugly said to her husband, around the 8 month pregnant mark "promise me we'll never be those people with a whole bunch of big hunks of plastic toys littered all over the back yard," we sure have a lot of plastic in our yard! Bought some more this weekend, this time a little pool, complete with slide. It's where G-man spent the ENTIRE. WEEKEND. The best thirty dollar piece of plastic I ever bought!Daddy and the Dudler join in for some poolside lounging:

And last, but not least, this:Just in time for Canada Day Independence Day. Ah well, better late than never, right? Hope all you peeps stateside had a wonderful long weekend, unlike our "national holiday in the middle of the week" long weekend.

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