Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Random

Re: Opening Ceremonies: These athletes are the owners of some of the BEST bodies in the world. The most fit, cut, muscular bodies in the world. In the humble opinion of me, they should be wearing FAR LESS clothing in that parade!! View: Exhibit A. I mean...HELLO!!

Re: Toddler playing in the car: Griffin LOVES to "drive." If he stuck to driving, that would be OK. Apparently though, a console full of change and a little slot where CD's (used to) go to get played is just to darn irresistible. Awesome. Any brilliant ideas for taking change out of a CD player?

Re: Lingerie: I don't know if it's happening at all stores, maybe it's just at the Bramalea City Centre, but if you like lingerie of any kind, get thee to La Vie En Rose. Sale. Huge sale! MASSIVE sale, like everything in the store. Go. Go now.

Speaking of lingerie, of course I bought some. And since the toddler is away for the weekend, best go put it to use!


Anonymous said...

Re CD player - try one of those Lee Valley magnets taped to the end of a pencil or something to get the coins out. I still have one if you need it. Love Mom

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Busy little hands! And Olympic swimmers? I mean, I know that extra appendage would create drag, but come on... swim naked! Please!

Kate said...

Big up on the lingerie front (or back...less). I went in to La Vie and had to leave immediately for all the customers and lack of stroller room!