Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday (Griffin) Random

-Griffin is a talker. He has a pretty sweet vocabulary, and is INCREDIBLY polite, just like his mother taught him to be. The only thing? One of the new additions to his vocabulary is the word "now." It totally ruins the polite sweet sentences that tumble out of his mouth. For example:

"Mommy, milk please?" - totally cute, and usually results in the requested milk being delivered in a timely fashion.

"Mommy, milk please now!" - waaaay less cute. Gets the stink eye. No milk for you!

One of his other new favourite words is penis, which is pronounced "peeeeee-nus." He'll point out his, every chance he gets. He'll point out yours too, if you have one. And the dog's. Lordy we go!

-Griffin is gone this weekend, and I was determined to get out of the house, go away, and do something we can't usually do with Griffin. Canoe, for example. Of course, it's pissing rain, so the canoe trip got the kaibosh. But we found something else to do that we can't do with Griffin around - CLEAN! It's totally amazing how much one can get done in a morning when there's not a little one, either hanging off your leg, or running around behind you taking 2 things out for every one thing you put away.

-I didn't mention this last week, and still hardly feel like its worth mentioning, because it was a total fluke. But fluke or not, I suppose it was a momentous occasion - the kid peed on the potty this week for the first time! Like I said, total fluke. I mean, when you wear a diaper you can pee all day long if you want - you don't have to save it up for a handful of bathroom breaks during the day, you can drink a bit in, pee a bit out, totally at your leisure. That's certainly what I'd do if I was wearing a diaper all day. So I think we just caught one of those unconscious, "pee a bit out" moments, while he happened to be sitting on the toilet. Because he likes to sit there. He'll come up to you, say "Potty! Pants, OFF!! Diaper, OFF!!" and then climb up, and sit. And sit, and sit. It's a game right now. I think he just likes being pantless. Fun for him, less fun for me...

-I miss my camera. Bad.

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