Thursday, August 21, 2008

Picture This

Oh, how I would love love LOVE to show you the pile of potatoes that I just picked out of my OWN GARDEN! I would be thrilled to share with you the mass quantities of squash that are climbing up the garden fence (hope y'all like's what's for christmas!) I'd show you the piles upon piles of tomatoes that are slowly thinking about ripening on their vines. And I'd give you an uber close up of the one eggplant that is growing, because you have to get pretty uber close to see's that tiny! For contrast, I'd show you the pitiful corn that never made it past 3 feet tall, and the beets that for some reason reached pebble size, and then quit. Can you picture it all? You'll have to trust me when I say it's a beautiful sight to behold!

My garden is making me so happy right now, and even though I only spent about 26 minutes out there tonight (the minutes between toddler crashing time, and "It's so dark I don't know if I'm pulling weeds or veggies" time,) and even though I'm pretty sure I got a mosquito bite for each minute I was out there, there's nothing that quite beats the satisfaction of pulling fresh produce out of your very own back yard!


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dude, seriously? I'm driving my ass up there for dinner tomorrow night. And? You're parking the car! :)

Regina said...

I am loving my harvest, too - and know exactly what you mean about gardening in the dark with the mosquitoes. But if I get the Munchkin to help me weed, there goes the plants, and a mandatory tubby to follow. So sometimes it is a trade off - especially since mosquitoes make me welt awful!!

can't wait for your camera to return!

Coley said...

*jealous* Your garden sounds awesome, whilst mine is the suck. Can't wait for pictures so I can drool over your glorious bounty.

Gretel said... that your camera is fixed - LET'S SEE THE PICS!

And when are you taking these frigging strawberry plants Ms. Gardenorama?!