Friday, September 12, 2008

Disappearing Act

I need help in explaining a phenomenon that I'm fairly certain occurs in more closets than mine.

So...picture it...things are going swimmingly - it's summer, it's balmy outside, in the mornings you grab something quickly out of the closet and off you go to start another brand new day. Life is good.

But slowly, while you hardly even notice, things outside are changing. One morning you wake up, and DAGNAMIT it's COLD outside! You go to your closet, looking for something a bit warmer to wear, to compliment this sudden chill in the air.

There's nothing. Nada. Zip zero zilch.

So the question is, what the HELL did I wear last winter, all winter? I'm fairly certain I didn't spend the winter naked, I certainly would have noticed that! So did I spend the winter in shabby clothes with holes in the sleeves, with stains on them? Cause that's all that seems to be in my closet from last winter!!

Anyone else? Are you looking in your closet wondering what the heck you wore the last time it was cold, a whole entire 8 months ago? And how EXACTLY do you explain this disappearing off-season-clothing phenomenon? (I shall call it DOSCP for short.)

Until I find the explanation for the DOSCP, there is only one logical solution to these dire circumstances: shopping!

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Bluebirdbaby said...

Sounds exactly like what I'm going through here :) I just went out shopping today for fall clothes (seriously...did I actually wear worn, torn, and stained clothing all last winter?) but am so cheap, I only left with three things. And I have given up my quest for jeans that actually fit me. I think I'll be forever rolling up the bottoms...

I hope you have better luck than I did!